AURELIA TI 3030 (SAE 30, BN 30)

AURELIA TI is a range of trunk piston engine oils developed for use in medium speed diesel engines burning residual fuels

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AURELIA TI 3030 ensures outstanding cleanliness of both the hot and cold parts of an engine thanks to their detergency and dispersant properties. Its ability to reduce heavy deposit build-up in an engine creates savings via a reduction in maintenance costs. It also offers excellent resistance to the negative effects of residual fuel contamination, along with excellent thermal resistance and oxidisation resistance. The stable viscosity of AURELIA TI 3030 means that fewer top-ups are needed. The range is also very water resistant, with outstanding demulsibility capacity, enabling rapid removal of water after an ingress and the maintenance of good engine performance. Good wear protection and excellent oil film strength at extreme pressures are also established features of the range.

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